Basket liner

This is my new basket liner for my sewing supplies. My previous one wore out. It can be seen here: Basket Liner with Pockets 

My previous liner had flat pockets and I decided that I wanted the new pockets to have more space and I added an inch to each pocket. To protect my pockets from sharp scissors, stylus, pens, or pencils, I use empty prescription bottles to prevent damage to the fabric.

Our dogs love the camera. Whenever I point my camera at something, they have to get in the picture. Of course, I have to take their photos.  The top photo of the basket shows their paws as I zoomed in.

Covered photo album

I made our niece a covered photo album. She isn't into flowers and lace, so I made this with few decorations.

I sewed little belt loops on the cover to insert a gold cord. I hot glued the cord in a few places to help it stay secure. This still looks plain. I used metallic fabric paint to put her name on the front. Her first name is painted above the cord and her last name is painted below the cord. I didn't want to give out her name so I didn't include that photo on here.

I sewed pockets in the back to hold memory cards. It looks like nine pockets, but it is only six. The middle strip is a fold over cover to help keep the memory cards from falling out.

Egg Rolls


1 pound of ground beef
1 pound of coleslaw mix with carrots
1 medium onion chopped
1 tsp garlic powder
1 TBS soy sauce
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
Egg Wash
1 egg mixed with 1 TBS of liquid (I used cream)
1 package of egg roll wraps*

Brown the ground beef and chopped onion. In large bowl, combine all ingredients for the filling. (Do not add the egg wash mixture.) Mix thoroughly. 

Position egg roll wrap on point (points facing up, down, and to the sides). Place 2 or 3 TBS of filling in the center of the wrap. Coat all edges with the egg wash. Fold bottom point up and over the filling. Then fold sides in and press edges to seal. If using 2 or 3 TBS, fold top point over and seal edges. Should look like an envelope as in the photo above. If using 1 TBS, roll the wrap up and press the edges to seal.  Should be a narrow roll. 

Fry until golden brown. Place on cooling racks or on paper towels. Serve immediately or freeze in wax paper & aluminum foil/freezer bags. 

* 2 or 3 packages if you use 1 TBS of filling instead of 2 or 3 as I do.