Candy Santa Sleighs

 I decided to try my hand at a candy Santa Sleigh. 

I started with the above list. For each sleigh, you will need: 2 candy canes, 6 Hershey Nuggets (or other rectangular candy) 1 Kit Kat, and hot glue. 

After I bought those, I found a bag of candy called Santa's Super Sack by Palmer. It had the Santa and snowman shapes, along with the bells and balls. It also had miniature peanut butter cups, so I stacked them on as well. 

 The hardest part for me was adding the rails. Turn the Kit Kat upside down and hot glue the rails as seen above. Make sure the Kit Kat is near the edge of the desk so the candy canes have space to hang over. 

 Then stack the candy to look like presents. The bottom layer of the presents are six nuggets super glued from back to front in two rows of three. On top of those, are six nuggets glued so they are perpendicular to the bottom six. Then I glued the other candies in different patterns (I couldn't decide which I like best) and added the snow man and Santa to the front to drive. 

Here is a different formation that I also liked. I placed the bells on top of the peanut butter cups and added the balls in front of them. 

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  1. Very cute. Looks easy to make and I know I have a glue gun around here somewhere. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be delighted to receive one of these for Christmas. Thanks for the excellent instructions and photos.