Mosaic Quilt

This is my mozaic quilt so far. I'm in the process of sewing each row and column. 

This is how I made my pattern. I printed a black and white photo onto lined graph paper. Then I made a cheat sheet of my fabric in black and white as well. Then I matched the fabric shades to the photo shade. The part that I wasn't happy about was the chin area. There appears to be too much light coloring. In the future, I'll have to watch for such a problem to avoid it. I'll doctor it up a bit with slightly darker shades to create more dimension in the mozaic. 

When I matched the fabric to the photo, I wrote down the letter or number that corresponded with the square on the photo. I wrote letters and numbers on the organizer. I kept the fabric squares in a bead/jewelry organizer. 

More to come later. 

Sewing hacks

Here are some of my favorite sewing hacks and tips. 
 This is the spare spool holder on my machine. I place a large cap on the bottom and then one of the smaller ones near the top. 

 Then I can use it for a spool that is too large for the regular horizontal spool holder. The bottom cap is where the spool rests. The smaller cap prevents the spool from wobbling. 

Sometimes, I forget to remove a pin and then hit it with my needle. If I pin my projects parallel to the foot, then I don't need to worry about removing them because the pins don't get near the needle and I never hit the pins.