Lip Balm Case

This is a quick and easy project. I was able to make two dozen lip balm cases in a couple of hours. The key rings allow them to fit on jacket zippers, back packs, key rings, and even purse zippers. I was able to use a variety of fabrics allowing the recipients to pick the case they liked. This can be given with or without lip balm and is a great project for when something small and inexpensive is needed.
Supplies needed:
Key rings
Fabric pieces: 9 inches by 5 inches

Fold long sides of fabric ¼ inch and press.

Fold in half so the 9 inches now measure 4 ½ inches. Press. By having enough fabric to fold over, the inside will be lined. The extra fabric gives some stability to the case as well.

Insert string on fold line and pin in place. Cut the string as long as you need to in order to comfortable tie the ends together. This will be done later in the tutorial. The final length of my string, after tying, was long enough to allow the case to be opened all the way without extra string.

Sew a line ½ inch from the fold to allow the string to have a casing. I used a ¼ inch foot guide to keep the string away from the needle preventing the string from being accidentally sewn to the fabric. You want the string to be able to move so it can close the opening.

Fold the fabric in half so the string sides match up. Do not tie them together yet. Sew the sides together using a ¼ inch seam allowance, but DO NOT sew the string casing shut. Leave that section open.

The fabric is now in the shape of a tube. Turn so the seam is facing up. This will also mean that the strings are now facing up as well. Pin the bottom of the casing flat and sew using a ¼ inch seam allowance.

Turn inside out. You may need to use a stylus. I use a wooden skewer to help invert the case.

Place a key ring on the strings and tie the string ends together. Pulling on the key ring will now shut the lip balm case. Note that a drop of glue will help prevent the knot from loosening.

 Any lip balm the size of a Chap Stick should fit into this case. I even had some lipsticks that would fit, but not all mine would.

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