Doggy Bandannas

 Here is Jedi in his Star Wars bandanna.

 I measured the dog collars and subtracted 4 inches (for tags and clips) so that the bandanna would sit nicely on the collar. That measurement was 10 inches.  

I cut a 12 inch square of fabric, pressed, and sewed for finished edges. 

 Then I centered the ruler and made marks for the 10 inch width. That meant 5 inches from the center crease, pressed with iron. 

 Then I folded the bandanna over on my marks, sewed in place,and trimmed away the excess fabric. The upper right corner shows the folded corner sewn in place. The lower left corner shows the excess fabric trimmed away. 

 Then I folded the fabric in half and pressed. 

 Our dogs' collars are about an inch thick. So the sleeve of the bandanna needed to be wide enough to accommodate the collar.  

 I sewed a line to create the sleeve at 1 1/2 inches.

 I really don't know if Padawan understands what a picture is, but whenever I get my camera he feels the need to pose in his own way. So he had to have his picture taken with his biscuit before he would sit nicely for me to take a photo of his bandanna. 

 Here is Padawan's bandanna. He is cooperating now since I took the previous photo.

 Here is Jedi's bandanna, again.