Mosaic Baby Quilt

 This is my first mosaic quilt. This is on one side of a baby quilt.
 The image of our friend's toddler is easier to see when the image is small or the quilt is farther away. 

Up close, the mosaic looks like a jumble of small blocks and the face if harder to see. 

The other side of the mosaic quilt has three butterflies and a caterpillar. 

The purple border around the butterflies has heart stitches.  

 The wings of each butterfly have a different designer stitch. This is one is a vine with leaves. The butterfly heads and bodies are trapunto. 

 This butterfly has bows on its wings. 

 This butterfly has arrows. 

Red & Gold Candle Mat

Today, I finished the red & gold candle mat. 

Here is the video tutorial: Video 

Folded Candle Mat

I made a folded candle mat. I plan to make another one that red and gold. I'll post when it's completed. 

I found the tutorial --> Folded Candle Mat Tutorial