Casserole Carrier Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make a casserole carrier for a 9 inch square glass pan. 

For napkin tutorial go to:

For utensil pouch tutorial go to:

I made three casserole carriers and added napkins and utensil pouches.

I made mine bigger than the square pan because they were for my husband to take his lunch to work. 

I made them big enough to also carrier a bottle of water and some fruit.

You will need:
Main fabric
Lining fabric
Fabric for straps (or buy strap fabric)
InsulBright or other insulated batting.
Snaps (4 sets) or other items to close the carrier.

Start by measuring your casserole dish. This one is 11 inches by 9 inches. In this tutorial, I’ll give measurements to fit the casserole carrier without the extra room that I wanted for mine.

The pan is 3 ½ inches deep.

Section A will be a rectangle that will measure 31 inches by 13 inches. Cut 1 main fabric, 1 lining, and 1 batting.

Section B will be a rectangle that will measure 35 inches by 11 inches. Cut 1 main fabric, 1 lining, and 1 batting.

Directions for Section A: Place batting on the wrong side of the lining. Quilt in place. Then place the lining on the main fabric, right sides together. Leave one side open so you can turn the piece inside out when finished. Sew the other three sides using a quarter inch seam.

Repeat with the Section B materials. 

Place Section A over Section B in a “t” shape. Sew in place. I used the square that was created by the crossed fabric. .  Be sure the center each piece against the other.

I used a marking pencil to echo the edges of the sides that I could not see.

Your fabrics should now look like an “x” or a “t”.

Add the handles or make the handles. I cut a strip of fabric 3 inches wide by 68 inches long. I also cut  a strip of batting 1 inch wide by 68 inches long.

Attach the batting down the middle of the fabric strip. Then fold one side over the batting. This should be about a third of the fabric. Then fold the other side over until it meets the batting. Press. Then fold that section over the fabric covering the batting. That should give you a finished edge. Sew into place.

Attach the straps. I marked a line about 2 inches away from the edge of the bottom on opposite sides. Pin on the bottom of the carrier and up the opposite sides about 4 inches. Loop around to the other side of the bottom and pin in place. Check to make sure the loops are the same length. Then sew into place.

Go to the corner of the bottom. Mark a line on Section A 4 inches from the bottom on each of the corners. Then mark a line on Section B also 4 inches from the bottom.

Fold the corners together so the 4 inch marks line up. Pin and sew to make the sides of the carrier.

Add the snaps on the edge corners of each wing of Section A. Make sure to use the tops that correspond to the bottoms. Next, do the same with Section B.

You should be finished.

If you have any questions, feel free to write me. 

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