Progress with Wedge Ruler Experiment

Here is the current progress of my wedge ruler experiment. This is the general layout of the quilt. 

The corners will remain curved, but the other blocks will have fabric added to square them off for easier piecing. (The fur-babies believe that any fabric or quilt placed on the floor is theirs. Here is Padawan inspecting my work.)

The center of the quilt will probably have more of the cheetah print. I like the way it looks and want to showcase it in this quilt. (Notice Mystique inspecting my work. So many supervisors.)

I'll post more as I get farther along on my quilt. 

Wedge ruler experiment

I have been experimenting with a "wedge ruler" to see if I like the effect before purchasing a real one. This block is from that wedge ruler. I do like the effect. I have to admit that this reminds me of a turkey fan tail, which wasn't the look that I was going for, but I still like it. The tip is not as wonky as the photo makes it appear. 

Here is how I created my "wedge ruler". I cut out a piece of paper that I thought was 10 degrees. Nope. Not even close. Who knew that I would need a protractor after geometry class. Instead of needing 9 wedges to create a 90 degree angle, I needed only 7. I also realized that I like sewing in pairs so I need to buy the 9 degree wedge ruler. It will take 10 fabric wedges to make a 90 degree angle which is more in line with my weird brain. 

Finished Baby Quilt "Butterfly Diamond Patch"

This is the other side of the my baby quilt. It is the same pattern as the front/other side but this side includes borders. The diamonds and outer edge is supposed to look purple. This was the closest to purple that I could get those sections to look and it was because I took the photo in direct sun light. (I need a course on blog photography!)

We moved to the side of the house, in the shade, and the purple sections look more navy colored. I had thought of appliqueing the baby's name on the quilt, but decided against it just in case this last long enough to be shared with another baby. 

Here is the "front" that I finished first. This baby quit will be a gift. I will include a few pieces of fabric for future repair when I give the gift. That way, if there is any rips or pokes, this can be fixed with the same fabric that it was made with. 

I will include some heart shaped or other fun shaped patches to give the family for additional repair options. These can be used to cover stains as well as fix any holes that may occur.  

Top of Baby Quilt is Finished

This square 4 1/2 inch section is one out of nine smaller blocks that make up the one bigger block.

This is the bigger block with the nine smaller blocks put together. In addition to the previous block image, there are four squares of the butterfly fabric and one of the yellow square. 

Here is the finished top of the baby quilt.

Here is a close up of the finished block in the quilt. I'm not sure why, but the diamonds are actually purple, but show up in the photo as navy. 

Now, to work on the back. 

Onward with my project of a baby quilt

Okay, I got all my pieces cut for my quilt. I did that one day.

Today, I glue basted the purple and pink triangles. I know the photo looks washed out, but the top triangle is pink. I will start to sew them tomorrow. 

My new project

Here are the fabrics that I plan to use to make a baby quilt. It will be the same design, but different colors and dimensions, as the pet quilt that I made. That photo is below. 

Microwave cooking hint

Microwave cooking hint: To cook multiple dishes at one time, you can stack glass cake pans crosswise. 

The bottom  pan contains a couple of chicken breasts seasoned with pepper. The top pan contains fish with pineapples.

Gift bag made from a cereal box.

The items needed:
Empty cereal box
Glue, spray or other
Wrapping paper or fabric
Cord or twine for handle
*Cat optional-he wanted his picture taken.

Close the top of the box and glue. Allow to set.

Lay box on side and cut off the top (side) for the opening.

Cover the side of the box on the inside with the wrapping paper. Repeat for the opposite side.

Cover the inside front and back of the cereal box.

Now start to wrap/cover the outside of the box like you would a present. Leave the opening uncovered.

I used tape on the sides to help hold it until the glue set.

Poke holes in the box about 1/2 to 1 inch from the top for the handles. Insert the cord or twine and tie a knot in the end so the handles do not slip out.

Now you have completed your gift bag! 

CD Case Craft

We have a lot of old CD cases stored away. I hot glued 5 into a cube type cubby. To have a cube the size that the bottom would fit, I had to glue the wall about 1/2 inch from the edge. That shrank the cube enough that the bottom then fit enough to keep any items from falling out. 

We will use these in the closet for storage. They are clear making the contents easily visible. 

Egg plant pizza

I try to cut out carbs as much as possible, but I love pizza. So, I got rid of the bread dough crust and used egg plant. I liked it, but I like egg plant. My husband did not like this. He got the regular pizza anyway. 

I made the egg plant pizza the same way as I usually make pizza. Using the egg plant as the crust, I piled on sauce, ham (usually I use ground beef or chicken) and cheese! 

Usually, rock salt is used to remove some of the liquid from egg plant, so if you worry about too much liquid, then use the rock salt and allow it to sit a while to drain.

My Tea Cup Quilt completed

Here is my latest project. It is my lap quilt. I will use it in my chair to help keep my legs warm so they don't lock up as much. Keeping my legs warm helps keep them from getting weak.

Here is a photo of the dogs inspecting my work. I guess the quilt passed because they started to roll around on the quilt. :)

I did have problems with my sewing machine. The feed dogs did not want to work and the quilt practically stood still as I tried to sew on the binding. I had wanted a new machine that could also embroider. I might need a new machine because my old one is breaking down. :(