Gift bag made from a cereal box.

The items needed:
Empty cereal box
Glue, spray or other
Wrapping paper or fabric
Cord or twine for handle
*Cat optional-he wanted his picture taken.

Close the top of the box and glue. Allow to set.

Lay box on side and cut off the top (side) for the opening.

Cover the side of the box on the inside with the wrapping paper. Repeat for the opposite side.

Cover the inside front and back of the cereal box.

Now start to wrap/cover the outside of the box like you would a present. Leave the opening uncovered.

I used tape on the sides to help hold it until the glue set.

Poke holes in the box about 1/2 to 1 inch from the top for the handles. Insert the cord or twine and tie a knot in the end so the handles do not slip out.

Now you have completed your gift bag! 


  1. Wouldn't the material cost you more than the actual gift bag at say The Dollar Store? It's a cute idea for those who enjoy crafts like I do, but also for those who pinch pennies I was just wondering what the cost making verses the cost buying would actually be?

    1. I have no idea how much this costs verses anything store bought. I have never calculated the costs. The items that I used in this project were items that I had in the house. I rarely use wrapping paper anymore because I tend to sew gift bags. I am trying to rid the house of wrapping paper that has been around for years.