Finished Baby Quilt "Butterfly Diamond Patch"

This is the other side of the my baby quilt. It is the same pattern as the front/other side but this side includes borders. The diamonds and outer edge is supposed to look purple. This was the closest to purple that I could get those sections to look and it was because I took the photo in direct sun light. (I need a course on blog photography!)

We moved to the side of the house, in the shade, and the purple sections look more navy colored. I had thought of appliqueing the baby's name on the quilt, but decided against it just in case this last long enough to be shared with another baby. 

Here is the "front" that I finished first. This baby quit will be a gift. I will include a few pieces of fabric for future repair when I give the gift. That way, if there is any rips or pokes, this can be fixed with the same fabric that it was made with. 

I will include some heart shaped or other fun shaped patches to give the family for additional repair options. These can be used to cover stains as well as fix any holes that may occur.  

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