No Sew Christmas Wreath

No Sew Christmas Wreath

Supplies Needed
Straight pins
Styrofoam shape-circle
Ribbon for hanging
Fabric: 2 inch fabric squares*
Optional:Items for embellishment

*The number of squares needed is determined by 1) the size of your circle and 2) how close the squares are inserted into the Styrofoam.  

You made benefit by the use of a thimble if pushing the pins causes soreness on your fingers.

There is an added step you can do for preparing your wreath. Cover the Styrofoam shape in fabric to hide any “whiteness” from peaking through and to give the glue on the pin an extra thing to hold onto.
Start by placing your ribbon in the spot for hanging it up after it is finished. The pins of fabric will hold the ribbon in place. This will also help you in determining the top if it is necessary for your pattern.
Cut the 2 inch squares of fabric. One fabric pattern can be used or many can be used. Insert the squares in any way you wish, random, rows, columns, or a particular pattern. This wreath was made with 4 different Christmas fabrics in a random pattern.
Insert the pins into the center of the square of fabric squares and gently pinch the square into quarters. If pinched too hard and folds are created in the fabric, the fabric will not “bloom” open after inserting into the wreath and it will take more to cover the wreath. Dip the tip of the pin into glue and insert into the wreath.

Continue to poke squares into the Styrofoam until it is finished. Covering the back is optional. The wreath will lay flatter against the wall if the back is not covered. If you wrapped the wreath in a rectangular section of fabric, the Styrofoam will not be visible.

For some added embellishment, Christmas bulbs were included to add some sparkle.

An alternative method of making a no-sew fabric wreath is to lay the fabric flat and glue to the Styrofoam. The one of the right was covered with batting before the squares were glued on. The pins were used to poke the corners down onto the wreath. Then the raw edges and pin heads were covered in glitter glue. A few extra dots of glitter glue finished the project.

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