Wedge ruler experiment

I have been experimenting with a "wedge ruler" to see if I like the effect before purchasing a real one. This block is from that wedge ruler. I do like the effect. I have to admit that this reminds me of a turkey fan tail, which wasn't the look that I was going for, but I still like it. The tip is not as wonky as the photo makes it appear. 

Here is how I created my "wedge ruler". I cut out a piece of paper that I thought was 10 degrees. Nope. Not even close. Who knew that I would need a protractor after geometry class. Instead of needing 9 wedges to create a 90 degree angle, I needed only 7. I also realized that I like sewing in pairs so I need to buy the 9 degree wedge ruler. It will take 10 fabric wedges to make a 90 degree angle which is more in line with my weird brain. 

1 comment:

  1. That's interesting. If you alternated the color strips it could be checker board like too. Very creative to try it out first. I have seen Dresden plate rulers and did not know a thing about wedge ones.