Pet quilts

This is one my charity projects, pet quilts/pet mats for our local animal shelter. I tend to use scrap fabric or fabrics donated by people that I know. I just got a great haul of upholstery fabric. 

In the above photo, the center block had matching fabric, used on the corners. Then I found some coordinating sashing. The outer border is made from three separate fabrics. All the fabrics had different textures. Hopefully, the animals find that interesting. 

I discovered that I didn't have the skills to get sharp points with thick upholstery fabric and that my math was off, so the borders do not match nicely on the ends. 


  1. But such a great cause! They will be loved I'm sure!

  2. Thicker fabrics are hard to work with. Is it washable? I didn't know upholstery fabric was. Sure is a pretty quilt, all summery.

    1. I washed all the swatches before I started and many were still tough and difficult to work with. That is okay. I have tons of fabric for the pet quilts.