Upcycle of Book to CD Case

I often get photo albums as gifts because I love to take photos. Well, I don’t always print them out. I often down load them onto my phone or computer. I end up re-gifting a lot of smaller albums. 

These past few days, I have been organizing my photos and putting them on CDs for gifts. I ran out of places to keep them and decided to recycle a small photo album to hold the CDs.

I started by cutting a “V” in the page that was to be the front. I put a white piece of paper behind the cut so you could see it better because the page behind it had the same pattern.

I then  glued the bottom and outer edge to the page behind it to create an envelope. I waited for the glue to set. I did that for each page and that was it. My CD book was ready.

A very simple craft that will hold my CDs.

I explained that I was giving CDs as a gift to tuck into cards. Well, you could download the photos onto a free web site like Flickr.com. They give one terabyte of memory and allow you to download the photo in the same size it was taken. Some sites limit the memory or size of a photo.

You could make an separate account for each family that you wanted to send photos to. Send them the address and the password so they can access the account that you created for them. Then they can download, send the photos in emails, or print out as many as they wanted. Memories are a great gift idea and these ideas cost little or nothing. 

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  1. Very nice!
    I've never seen photo albums with patterned pages before, ours have clear pages. Love ideas of using things in other ways. Very clever!