Gift Wrap Idea

I, finally, ran out of wrapping paper that I bought so many years ago on sale. I also did not have any more of my fabric gift bags that I like to sew through out the year. 

No problem, I saw a Pinterest link about using newspaper as wrapping paper. We don't get the paper. We read on line, but we get so many advertisements in the mail. Since I use the advertisements for other eco-friendly ideas (lining the shelves, wrapping around breakables, and making patterns for sewing) I decided to use the advertisements as gift wrap. I even made a bow. 

I wish that I could give instructions on the bow, but I just winged it and made loops until it look right. I used a glue gun to keep the bow just right. 

Just wanted to share an idea and wish every one a Merry Christmas or season's greetings for whatever holiday that you may celebrate in your home. Hope you all have a great time


  1. I've almost always wrapped in newspaper, I used to get it from the library, but the high school I work at now has a news paper and I use that.

    What I like most is that I can wrap it five or six times so no one can peek ;)

  2. Growing up in my house we saved all the funny papers and that was the gift wrap we always used!!! I agree the holiday colors on adds makes great paper for gifts. Us buy gift wrap? No way! Only if at a yard sale super cheap. Like the bow, too.

  3. What a great idea for a really cute package