Mini pies from muffin tins

My husband likes pies. I'm not much of a pie maker, but I find the smaller pies fun to make. I used the large muffin pans and got a deep dish style of mini pies. 

For these pies, I used canned pie filling and pre-made pie crust from the refrigerator section. Above, there are three Country Apple and three Blueberry. I experimented with different designs on the top crust. 

This photo shows three Apple pies and three Triple Berry pie. One can of pie filling filled three mini pies. 

My husband tasted one of the warm Country Apple with ice cream. He thought it was fine, but he likes home made filling better. He plans to take the pies to a pot luck at a friend's house tomorrow.  

I may have filled these pies too full. The crust on the apple pies lifted up. The triple berries leaked. Next time, I'll fill them a little less and seal them better.  


  1. They look pretty and golden! I'm sure you will perfect them, but they look cute to me!

  2. Great idea. I have a large muffin pan just waiting to do this when the weather's a bit cooler this fall. We should have apples from our trees by then.