Personalizing Lunch Boxes

 I don't sew as quickly as I would like to. So if someone needs a lunch box immediately, I won't be able to sew it in time. I bought a lunch box and then I personalized it for the recipient. 

It was difficult to sew through some parts of the outer material. I didn't cover all of the lunch box because cutting out the odd pieces would have been awkward for me. 

In the future, I may use this idea for personalizing other purchased items that I didn't have time to sew from scratch. 


  1. Great idea! Would also be a good idea for personalizing backpacks! You do lovely work!!

  2. So like this. I also think covering up a store logo on a shopping bag would be fun. Appliques or a big word appliqued on or a phrase. Or just a rectangle of color.

  3. I have a beach lunch tote I carry my featherweight box in (it has wheels and a long handle). I could dress it up in featherweight or vintage sewing machine fabric. Thanks for the idea, pc. You are great!