Dyeing Raw Eggs

These are raw eggs and not for hiding. 

 From left to right: green, red, blue, and purple. 

I put these back in the fridge to use for cooking. I used cold raw brown eggs because that was what I had. Even though the eggs were brown, I liked the results. 

Items needed:
-Frosting dye/gel dye
-Container for dyeing (I used pint size canning jars.)

For each jar/container, add one cup of water or enough to cover the eggs completely. (I used cold out of the faucet) Mix enough frosting dye into the water to get the color you want. (I made mine darker so it wouldn't take as much time.) Add 1 Tbl of vinegar per cup of water in the container. 

Gently place egg(s) in the container(s) and check every 5 minutes until you get the desired color. Gently remove eggs and place on paper towel over newspapers to dry for a couple of minutes. Return colored eggs to the refrigerator. 

Now you have pretty eggs to use as you wish. 

The green and red eggs took 10 minutes to reach the desired colors. The blue egg took 15 minutes. The purple egg took the longest at 20 minutes. 

For food safety, do not keep the eggs out of the refrigerator long enough to come to room temperature. 

Why would someone want to dye eggs and not hide them? Because we have no little ones in the home. Older kids (and adults) like the fun of colored eggs, but do not want to hunt for them. I plan to give raw dyed eggs to some friends and family for Easter so they can make breakfast omelets or anything else they would like. 

*CAUTION! Leaving the eggs in vinegar too long will soften the shells. Okay for hard boiled eggs, but now raw. 

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