Covered photo album

I made our niece a covered photo album. She isn't into flowers and lace, so I made this with few decorations.

I sewed little belt loops on the cover to insert a gold cord. I hot glued the cord in a few places to help it stay secure. This still looks plain. I used metallic fabric paint to put her name on the front. Her first name is painted above the cord and her last name is painted below the cord. I didn't want to give out her name so I didn't include that photo on here.

I sewed pockets in the back to hold memory cards. It looks like nine pockets, but it is only six. The middle strip is a fold over cover to help keep the memory cards from falling out.


  1. What a wonderful idea!!! i love it. you always do the neatest things


  2. nice touch with the place for memory cards. Modern take on old fashioned photo album.