Tea Dispenser and Holder

This dispenser holds four Bigelow Tea Boxes. The bottom inch of each tea box is cut open for dispensing the tea bags through the holder.

Main Fabric A (cut 1): 12 inches by 18 inches.
Main Fabric B/lining (cut 1): 12 inches by 18 inches.
Main Heavy fusible (cut 1): 11 inches by 17 inches. By cutting the heavy fusible smaller than the main fabric, then bulk is reduced and sewing is easier.
Side Fabric A (cut 2): 5 ¾ inches by 3 ¾ inches.
Side Fabric B/lining (cut 2): 5 ¾ inches by 3 ¾ inches.
Side Heavy Fusible (cut 2): 5 ¼ inches by 3 ¼ inches.

Lace and ribbon for closing the front. Buttons and elastic can be used as a substitute for the ribbons and lace.
I made five different tea dispensers. This is a shot of two of the different materials used for the sides. The “Princess” fabric was directional and did not work well for the pattern that I created for this dispenser. The brocade fabric worked better as it did not matter what direction the fabric was cut.
Layer Fabric A right side out, heavy fusible, and Fabric B right side out. Make sure the fusible is centered and iron in place. Do that for the main section and the two side sections. Sew ¼ inch from the raw edge on the short sides of the main rectangle. Fold and press on the sewn line. Sew each side again to secure the edge down.
Determine which end will be the front flap and sew the fold lines into the main section of the fabric on the following measurements from the edge (all measurements are from the front edge):
4 ½ inches
8 ¼ inches
14 inches

*Note that after the line was sewn on the 14 inch mark, then there should be 3 ¾ inches left which will be the bottom side of the dispenser.

Fold and press on the sewing lines.

There should now be definite panels for the front, top, back, and bottom sections on the main rectangle.
Add lace or ribbon to the bottom of the front flap for decoration and add approximately 12 inches on each side of lace or ribbon that will tie and close the dispenser.
Determine which side sections will be on the right and which will be on the left. Fold a ¼ inch of the side panel that will face the front and sew to secure and to give a finished edge. Sew ribbon or lace to the front of the side flaps at 4 ½ inches from the top to tie to the front flap and keep the dispenser closed.
Sew the sides to the main section by lining the back of the side to the back section of the main fabric right sides together. Then sew the bottom of the main fabric to the bottom of the side section. Sew the top of the main fabric to the top of the side section. Note: If you wish to hang your dispenser, then sew the ribbon or lace to the top of the dispenser at this time by slipping it between the side top section and the main top section. Leave the front of the dispenser open for filling. Repeat sewing instructions on the other side of the dispenser. Remember to leave the front panel open for filling on that side as well. Turn so the right side is facing out.
Insert the tea boxes into the dispenser. Mark the part of the tea box that will be aligned with the opening of the dispenser. Cut a rectangular opening an inch across the bottom of the cardboard tea box. Align the opening to the opening on the dispenser. Tie the ribbons or lace to close. Hang on hook or leave on counter for dispensing tea.

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