Fun post about my exclusive quilting and sewing guild

I am a part of an exclusive quilting and sewing guild. The co-presidents are very interested in my sewing and often try to help or supervise my efforts. Here are the co-presidents.

Vex at his spot on the left side of my laptop. He often watches the curser as I type my emails.

This is Lathander on the right side of my laptop wedged in by the sewing machine. He often tries to keep me from straining my hand too much on the mouse by lying on top of it. (Both black cats are brothers from the same litter.)

Here is Lathander taking his job very seriously as he checks the comfort quality of my batting. Very dedicated, isn’t he.

This is their sister, Mystique, the vice president. She also likes to participate, but I can't always get a photo of her because she turns away and does this to hide her face. 

I (we) are doing some more work on my niece’s quilt and really didn’t have any new photos to share so I thought I would make this a fun post about my “exclusive” quilting and sewing guild. 

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