Scrap fabric into blocks

This is what I do with my scraps if I have no other plans for them. I make blocks to use in other projects. This is a 6 1/2 block. I drew the original pattern on a sheet of graph paper. Then added a stack of paper under it, used clips to secure them, and sewed along all the lines so that I had paper foundation for piecing. 

Each paper piece block tends to be a little different. I have been making simple string quilts. This one above incorporated some bigger pieces that I wanted to use. I also made a crazy zig-zag pattern that I could incorporate odd and smaller sizes of fabric. 

So far, I have been making pet quilts. I donate them to the local no kill pet shelter for the animals. I decided that if I was going to throw some of the fabric away, because the pieces were too small to use in one of my other projects, why not donate to a cause that I care about. 

I also think that as I make more and more blocks, I may make table scarves, place mats, tea cozies, totes, and purses. The ideas are endless and I wanted to share how those scraps could be used to make some fun items. 

(Just a note to any who have read that my cats help me sew. As soon as I finished taking this photo, one of my black cats decided to lay on the 6 1/2 block that is picture above. Yes he is too big, but he doesn't seem to care.)


  1. It looks lovely. Great idea. I now have two boxes (DVD holders size) full of scraps and I know of a couple of animal shelters who would love new quilts for them or even for them to sell to raise funds.

    Thanks for the idea.

    Keep crafting.

    Jan (from England)

  2. All your sewing is cat approved!
    Isn't this like a Roman stripe block?
    I made a small quilt like this in Amish colors years ago,
    with a black solid triangle. That is a good way to use
    fabric and help others. I like hearing how your cats
    help you.