Lining Green Grocery Bags

I tend to end up at a store with the bags from another store and it bugs me. By putting a lining in the shopping bags, I make the bags stronger. Also, I can turn them inside out if the printed name on the bag is not the name of the store where I am shopping. 

The instructions in this tutorial can be used for making Green Eco bags as well as lining them.

We have quite a stash of shopping bags, including an insulated bag for keeping foods hot or cold. I measured each bag and wrote the dimensions down on my notebook. I used each bag to contain the fabric pieces so that I wouldn’t get them mixed up since I had so many different measurements. I used half an inch seam allowance on each side, so I only had to add one inch to my measurements.

I needed another insulated bag and used a layer of Insul-Bright secured to the fabric with spray adhesive. Pin right sides together and sew.

Do not turn the lining right side out. Insert the lining into the bag so the wrong side is against the inside of the shopping bag.

Tack the inside corners of the lining to the inside corners of the bag. I like to pin the lining in place and then just add a couple of simple stitches to secure the lining.

Turn the shopping bag so the lining is facing out. Fold over the top of the lining so it is even with the edge of the shopping bag. Pin in place and sew.

Here is an image of the bags after sewing the lining to the bag.

This next step is optional. I liked the lining fabric so much that I wanted to keep it facing out. I covered all the handles so they matched.

Here are the finished shopping bags. Each has a different lining because they are all from different stores.

I added a black ribbon as decoration. The ribbons can be used to tie up the rolled shopping bags for easier storage. 


  1. I love your bags! I too, carry my own bags into the stores. some checkers have commented on how much they love my bags and a few don't like them at all. One lady at Walmart told me that she didn't like my bags at all. I told her Sorry, but I LIKED my bags, & that I didn't like the plastic bags they have and would continue to use my own.

    1. How rude of her. Good for you for saying that you would keep using your bags. I like my own. I never get them mixed up with anyone else's. :)

    2. I think the only reason employees don't like cloth bags is because the handles aren't long enough to fit on their spindles. We have a grocery store here that rewards you 5c for each home-provided bag used. Vivian in TX