Pet Quilt and future pattern of baby quilt

This is a pet quilt the size of a regular pillow. I named it "Winnie the Pooh's Diamond Patch". This only took me a couple of days to do. 

I used graph paper to draw the pattern. I wanted to use it for a baby quilt, but wasn't sure how it would really look or how well I would sew it. Thus, I made a pet quilt. I will enlarge the blocks for the baby quilt. 

I am going to miniaturize future quilts that I have any concerns over. I learned a lot by doing this and now I have a nifty pet quilt to give to a friend. Well, it is going to my husband's co-worker.

 Here is the back of the pet quilt. If you look closely, you will see that I made it to hold a pillow for the pet who wants a plusher surface to lay on. The inside is finished and the batting is not visible. The opening is in the middle of the quilt, much like a pillow sham.

Here is Lathandar after he discovered the opening on the back of the pet quilt. He scooted in and got comfortable. I had to distract him so that the quilt could be washed. 

He is going to be upset when he can't find this quilt in the house later. I hope he can't read because he is sitting here watching me type this blog. 


  1. Very cute! Great job. Now you will have to make another for Lathandar!

  2. It's gorgeous. Can I come back as one of your pets please? lol..

    Jan x

  3. Oh you got lucky ! We have two cats in our house who both have their own quilts, made just for them.. and they still prefer to sleep either on the freshly ironed stack of blocks on the ironing table or in my scrap bin ! Hence why the new kitten was named Scraps, that and the fact that she is the scrappiest kitten I have ever in my left seen , I am surprised I still have feet attached to my legs after the past 2 days ! I think someone spiked her kitten chow with cat nip !

  4. I love the bright and cheery colors in your pet quilt! I hope that Lathandar can't read, but maybe you shouldn't take the chance and should make him a Pooh quilt of his own. He looked very comfy!

  5. I agree - Lathandar deserves his very own quilt. And, it should be just as pretty and festive as this one.