Thank you Fiskars

I was rather upset that my Fiskars cutters 60 mm blades were getting smaller and that I couldn't cut as many layers of fabric as I used to. I went to their site and sent an email in their "contacts" section. I got a form letter saying that someone would respond in 5 to 7 business days. I waited and then sent another email and got the same form letter back. 

So, I got on Amazon and ordered Martelli 60 mm Rotary Cutter and 2 extra blades. Then I called Fiskars. I got a woman named Janice. She was very polite. I explained that I wasn't upset with her and that I wasn't blaming her because I am sure the customer service operator gets horrible treatment by people who feel ignored or slighted. I explained that I didn't get a response to my problem so I just gave up and ordered a different cutter and blades. I wanted them to know that no one responded to my emails. 

Then my phone started to beep because it was dying. I did explain that to Janice as she tried to look up the possible reason that my blades seemed to change size and she did explain that the 60 mm didn't change in size. I explained my rotary cutter can take the 45 mm blades as well which is why I bought them. Two sizes in one blade seemed like a good idea. Then my phone died.

Janice called me back. She discovered that I had actually bought a 65 mm cutter that could also use 45 mm blades. I had never seen 65 mm blade at the stores that I shop at. I honestly cannot remember where I bought my cutter. She found a spot online that sells them and asked for my email address so she could send me the link. She also asked for my address so she could send me 2 blades so as a courtesy since no one got back to my email.

She was so nice. I wanted to share this since there are so many times that we get bad treatment by businesses. I wish that she could get commission on all my Fiskars blade purchases since she found a solution to my confusion about the changing blade size (that wasn't really changing) AND gave me 2 free blades.

Thank you people like Janice. You kept a customer for Fiskars. I am very pleased with the outcome since I had thought that I was being ignored.

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  1. I do so like happy endings!

    And a company really is as good as their customer service is...

    Happy sewing!