Kitty Bunk Beds, Using an old object in a new way.

This is not a tutorial, but I wanted to share one of my projects with you. It is the cats’ bunk beds. The top reminds me of a bassinet.  The bottom is much like a canopy bed with curtains. I also made the bed on the bottom with high walls and a front opening so the cats can feel hidden and cozy.

It started with an old printer stand that hasn’t been used in quite a while. I decided that we needed to use it or get rid of it. So I turned it into something the cats can use.

Here is our daughter, Mystique using the top bunk. 


  1. How pretty, your cats sure must feel loved. Mystique sure looks comfy!

  2. Awwwwes. She is so cute and you did a good job with the canopy bunk beds. How do you sew around your kittens since needles are dangerous around them? I am afraid to have small needles around Avalon.

  3. My cats and dogs have always helped me sew and are considered the quality inspectors. The cats specialize in comfort assurance and always lie on the fabric or quilts in progress to make sure they are comfortable. The dogs will assure toughness by tugging at the fabric or quilt if it hangs too far over the edge of the desk. :)

    In all seriousness, the cats are not interested in the sewing machine. I do make sure the cats do not lay on the pins. I tend to have to pick the cats up and move them to another part of the project though so I can complete a task. I think it is quite humorous to have to pick up three cats and position them on another part of the quilt so I can keep sewing. Sometimes, they are quite helpful. King of like big furry paper weights.

  4. Thanks for your prompt reply. I love to sew. However, my machine is in the basement and Avalon is not allowed in the basement. I want to do embroidery and needlepoint in the living room though but I am afraid to because of my baby. When I do crochet, knitting, and latch hook (which are safe around her), she gets very curious and inspects everything he he he. She is such a cutie.